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Patient Safety Improvement Strategies and Solutions

Updated to Meet All Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal Requirements

You are now at the Patient Safety Improvement (PSI) portal. For the past two decades, HPNI has been developing and survey-testing written patient safety, HAI and other infection prevention programs for healthcare leaders across the nation. From the Patient Safety Document Catalog below, you may select from over 100 MB of pre-formatted document tools - containing 770 pages - and a collection of 110+ Patient Safety Improvement plans, policies, forms and staff training tools.

Our Joint Commission survey-compliant collections contain all the vital documents necessary to meet the challenges associated with reducing hospital acquired infections (HAIs), central line infections, blood stream infections, surgical infections as well as MRSA. Our patient safety collections also offer you the answers and examples of administering and monitoring anticoagulation medications, reducing patient falls, eliminating medication errors, as well as complying with all current National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG).

Precise and Current Content ~ Intelligently Organized ~ Easy to Use
Guided by 21 years of research and implementation experience, all patient safety policy documents are presented to you in a logical, visual, organized and yet easy to use style. And your Complete Patient Safety Collection will immediately help you to get and stay organized. Your new PSI dashboard, with over 150 sample patient safety PI indictors will enable you to capture and consolidate more information – to quickly identify patterns in your data. With our Complete Patient Safety Collection CD-ROMs at your fingertips, you will have the confidence of knowing that documentation and solutions for over 150 patient safety requirements are well-organized, and always close at hand. Your patient safety program documents will no longer resemble a patchwork quilt. Review Complete PSI Collection Table of Contents.

Hospital Tested -- CMS & Joint Commission Survey-Ready -- Fully Compliant
Our Complete Patient Safety Improvement (PSI) Collection was designed for your hospital's CEO, Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Directors, Patient Safety Officer, Pharmacy Director, Risk Manager and Infection Control Practitioner. Our documents have been submitted and subjected to over 750 Joint Commission and CMS surveys. Our Patient Safety Collection is peerless.

Implementing your Patient Safety Improvement Solution program tools will be your first step toward recognizing near misses, reducing errors, minimizing risk and legal exposure, improving patient safety program performance as well as quickly elevating your Joint Commission and CMS compliance levels. Please review our Leadership Value Statement to learn of leadership advantages gained.

The Patient Safety Infection Control Collection is available separately for a modest fee – or it is included in the Complete PSI Solution 2 CD-ROM Collection at no additional cost.

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Review Patient Safety Improvement Collection Table of Contents

Note: If you are considering the purchase of any 20 individual documents, we suggest that you select the Complete Patient Safety Solution Collection - containing 750 pages and all 110+ solution documents. You will get more solutions and value for the equivalent cost.


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    3. Upon receiving your ordered selections, we will immediately begin to conduct QC testing and fully prepare your files.
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Download a Sample: Complete PSI Collection Table of Contents
 Infection Control Collection Table of Contents
 Partial Sample
 Partial Sample
 Partial Sample
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Infection Control & Patient Safety Collection ORDER BY CHECK FORM

Infection Control Patient Safety Collection Option
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CD-ROM [$375.00]
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Complete Patient Safety Improvement (PSI) Collection Option 1
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2 CD-ROMs [$795.00]
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PSI Collection & Performance Improvement Program Collection [Save $250] Option 2
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3 CD-ROMs [$895.00]
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PSI Collection & 175 Nursing Patient Care Policies [Save $250] Option 3
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3 CD-ROMs [$995.00]
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PSI Collection & Complete EC Program Collection [Save $350] Option 4
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4 CD-ROMs [$1,240.00]
Download [$1,200.00]

ALL PSI, Nursing Policies, PI & EC Program Collections 6 CD-ROMs [Save $590] Option 5
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   6 CD-ROMs [$1,800.00]
   Download Not Available

Abbreviations and Symbols Policy Download [$40.00]

Admission of Patient to Surgery Download [$40.00]

Blood Administration In OR and Surgical Areas Policy Download [$40.00]

Blood Issuing Procedures Download [$40.00]

Blood Stream Infection Definition Policy Download [$40.00]

Blood Unit Temperature Indicators Download [$40.00]

Calc for Hand Cleaner Use Download [$40.00]

Calculation Form for Hand Cleaner Use (Excel) Download [$40.00]

Central Line Associated Blood Stream InfectionĘDefinition Policy Download [$40.00]

Correct Patient Side and Site Policy Download [$40.00]

Critical Test Results Policy Download [$40.00]

Current PSI Plan Product Details Download [$125.00]

Decision Tree for Suspected SE Download [$40.00]

Disclosure of Medical Accidents Policy Download [$40.00]

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