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CMS Survey Preparation and Rescue Services
Joint Commission Consulting Services

Leadership Training and Regulatory Compliance Implementation for NEW and Existing Facilities

This video presents an overview of the services offered to overcome the unique management and regulatory challenges that face all new start-up healthcare organizations.    

We can help . . . whether you need to assess and improve your performance of targeted priorities such as patient safety, infection control, environment of care, life safety, emergency management, performance improvement (PI), medical staff, leadership, human resources, integrated nursing-patient care, information management or a organization wide tracer-based Mock Survey. Our CMS and Joint Commission survey education, preparation and rescue services can be tailored to any organization’s size, scope of services or specific accreditation or regulatory need. We continually keep pace with recent CMS changes in their Conditions of Participation. Our consulting advice and document samples are ready for you to implement immediately – time is critical for all unannounced and full validation CMS surveys.

Hospitals are required to be in compliance with the Federal requirements set forth in the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) in order to receive Medicare/Medicaid payment. The goal of a hospital survey is to determine if the hospital is in compliance with the CoP set forth at 42 CFR Part 482. On top of which, all hospital surveys are unannounced. Now, with our survey strategies and answers at your command, there is no reason to be unprepared for your surveys – or go through them alone.

We Bring Answers, Strategies and Written Sample Documents To You

What sets us apart from the rest? We are the only healthcare survey preparation firm in the U.S. that has published 1000+ survey-proven compliance documents – and brings them onsite to assure that you have best possible survey outcome. By using the navigation tabs at the top of this page, you can begin to envision the valuable advantages of having our diverse and comprehensive sample compliance documents in your hands during our visit – and ultimately during your survey. These survey-proven documents will help your team to immediately visualize and quickly implement the strategies and solutions they need to succeed. These samples, combined with our experienced compliance assessment, teaching, interviewing and tracer skills will accelerate your power to act and improve immediately. Compliant documentation tools that are developed, implemented, organized and ready for surveyor review are absolutely critical for a successful survey outcome.

We have successfully helped hundreds of healthcare facilities across the nation since 1988. During that past two decades, our work products have been implemented throughout the U.S. and in seven (7) English-speaking countries around the globe, as far away as Beijing, China. Please review a client testimonial on How to Get the Most Out of Your Consultant.

Our healthcare advisory and consulting firm, with consultant associates located in cities across the country, can serve you better and faster by carrying in solution documents on the first day of our project. We are large enough to have the national and international healthcare contacts, trainers and consultants you need - yet small enough to focus on one client at a time.

You are invited to call us today at 800.749.7144 to present your organization’s survey status, specific needs and compliance time frame. At no cost to you, we will recommend a remedial plan of action strategy to address your specific regulatory compliance needs. Since 1990, we have traveled 1.6 million miles to help our clients. If you need us onsite – we will report to your hospital on the day you designate.

Mock Survey and Periodic Performance Review (PPR) Services

  • Announced or Unannounced Mock Survey tailored to your facility size and needs.
  • Full range of individual tracers and individual based system tracers performed.
  • Document assessment, patient and staff interviews, and management training.
  • Annual PPR assessments in accordance with standards and supporting EPs. Generate the Plans of Action and Measures of Success (MOS).

Patient Safety Improvement Services

  • Assessment, training and implementation services supported by our 700-page PSI collection of up-to-date PSI plans, policies, forms and measurement dashboards.
  • Keep up-to-date with the annual National Patient Safety Goals and the plans, policies and compliance strategies that accompany these rigorous NPSG goals.
  • Learn to implement time-saving data collection on all required PS measures and organize your PS Committee to quickly act on your measurement findings.

Management of the Environment of Care & Emergency Management Services

  • Assessment, training and implementation services supported by our 900-page EC and Emergency Management collection of up-to-date safety plans, policies, forms and measurement dashboards for each of the 7 EC Programs.
  • Design your EC/Safety Committee and improve its group performance by learning the most efficient and productive strategies to maximize on your resources while minimizing on committee time.
  • Emergency Management training and implementation of up-to-date plans and systems to meet the Joint Commission’s elevated requirements.
  • Life Safety assessments to facilitate the accurate completion and filing of your Statement of Conditions (SOC) and resulting PFIs.

Medical Staff Credentialing and Reappointment Process Improvement Services

  • In addition to serving as a Joint Commission survey preparation specialist, our president is also a healthcare legal expert. He will offer unique insights and strategies on structuring your MS systems to both meet the Joint Commission standards – and avoid common pitfalls that render MS members at risk to litigation.
  • Assess and improve your MS Bylaws, MEC minutes and effectiveness; capture the required physician-specific performance data to substantiate physician reappointment; assure that the transmission of quality management, patient safety, EC Safety, medical record review findings and infection control information flows clearly and constantly to the MEC, as required.

For more information on our services, please contact us at 800.749.7144 or

via email at GarryWalsh@hospitalpolicynet.com

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