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Healthcare Policy & Regulatory Expert Services

Healthcare Policy and Regulatory Expert


Healthcare Policy and Regulatory Expert

This video presents a brief overview of the three central dimensions associated with delivering healthcare policy and regulatory services to the legal community.   This video presents an overview of Mr. Walsh’s experiences while working in the healthcare environment – and for the legal community – that have guided his abilities to diagnose the causes of healthcare errors and injuries.

Since 1988, Garry has consulted and practiced in a broad spectrum of healthcare policy, safety, human resources and regulatory areas. During this time he has also served as an expert witness resource on healthcare policy and regulatory matters. Walsh has traveled 1.6 million miles throughout the nation, learning, innovating and teaching in the course of hundreds of healthcare improvement projects. His broadest experience is in the following healthcare process specialties:

Patient Safety Improvement initiatives to improve interdisciplinary processes and eliminate avoidable patient harm, injury and death.
Joint Commission, CMS and State regulations which guide and serve to enforce the rules and principles of the health care industry.
Human Resource hiring, credentials, competence, performance evaluation and Temp Agency hiring and utilization conflicts.
Management of the Environment of Care (Hospital Safety)
Organizational Policy Development, implementation and compliance.
Medical Staff Leadership / committee effectiveness, credentialing and reappointment.
Quality and Performance Improvement principles and systems
Organizational Leadership orientation, education and training.

The central feature to Garry Walsh's Legal Expert Witness services is his understanding of relationships between hospital policies, medical staff bylaws and healthcare regulations - as they relate to litigation proceedings. The core foundation to these relationships is to understand that health care and medical care are not the same.

Healthcare is offered by hospitals to members of their community and is supported by the medical care provided only by licensed physicians and independent practitioners.

  • There are both joint and separate regulations for health and medical care.
  • Neither care can be successful without the other.
  • They are never independent of each other, as health care is delivered in accordance with a physician's orders.
  • The facts of a legal matter very often relate to the hospital's published policies in force at the time of a patient incident.
  • Joint Commission, CMS and State regulatory statutes are enforced to establish guidelines by which hospitals and physicians must deliver safe and effective care.

As a health care policy and regulatory specialist, Walsh extends his expertise to the legal and healthcare community. His contributions clarify issues based on compliance with regulatory requirements that guide safe and effective hospitalizations. His scope of expert witness services is as follows:


Support litigation efforts on behalf of the plaintiff / defense.
Analyze relevant documentation of policies, procedures, bylaws, service contracts, staff employment, credentialing procedures and regulatory guidelines.
Generate summary analysis reports and render expert opinions.
Assist with trial preparation and provide deposition, research and testimony.

Mr. Walsh has the ability to identify regulatory non-compliance and clearly articulate the necessary changes. This has contributed towards shaping best standard of care practices in healthcare and alerting attorneys to facts that unfortunately enable patient errors and injuries to occur. Mr. Walsh is aware that assessment, planning, testing, coordination and delivery/support activities that comprise health care and all medical procedures are to be collaborative across the care continuum. Furthermore, each of these activities is to be guided by hospital policies/ bylaws, presumably written to meet regulatory expectations.

  • All disciplines are involved and thus all contribute, to some degree, in the delivery and outcome of care - or in the consequences of patient injury.
  • The care and service policies and working procedures of a hospital are to be designed and carried out across hospital department lines.
  • Rarely do physicians perform medical procedures, delivery medical care or commit unplanned errors alone.
  • However unplanned health care errors and injuries can occur without the knowledge or involvement of a physician.

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