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Scope of Services

Our three healthcare improvement services empower you to improve compliance and clinical performance. All of our specialized services share one guiding principle - to make the complex simple by creating practical solutions.

Consulting on JCAHO and CMS Solutions Publishing Solution Documents
  • All patient care and leadership topics
  • Leadership and staff training
  • Survey preparation
  • Resolution of regulatory citations
  • Build inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental relationships
  • Preemptive risk reduction services
  • Help defend healthcare facilities
  • Help represent the plaintiff in legitimate cases of healthcare-induced injury
  • Over 1000 solution documents available on this website
  • Custom solutions, at client request, to streamline processes and reduce risk/legal exposure

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Our president Garry M. Walsh has been a healthcare professional for 30 consecutive years. He became a patient care and healthcare safety advocate while devoting hands-on care and management oversight to Oncology patients for almost a decade. He planned the delivery of safe and effective patient care as a physicist’s assistant and medical dosimetrist, directly serving and reporting to the medical staff. He also guided the provision of exemplary patient care while serving in the role of administrative director of several multi-disciplinary cancer centers – during which time he learned the complexities and importance of integrating excellent medical, technical and nursing care.

In 1988, Garry incorporated his first national healthcare assessment and training firm, Health Technology Systems, Inc. (HTSI) in the State of Florida. Garry and his team of professional nurses and healthcare engineers have traveled 1.6 million miles visiting 44 states in our nation to collaborate with, educate, guide and protect 1000’s of healthcare leaders and hospital staff -- from the board room down to the boiler room -- in all matters relating to regulatory accreditation and compliance. HTSI has consistently delivered CMS and Joint Commission preparation and rescue services throughout the full spectrum of healthcare settings, including acute care, behavioral health and ambulatory care environments. We specialize in helping multi-facility health systems to develop and implement integrated compliance systems and programs throughout their hospital, ambulatory and provider based practices to achieve operational efficiencies.

In 2002, Garry incorporated Hospital Policy Net, Inc. (HPNI), an e-Commerce company also registered in the State of Florida. To learn more, visit www.HospitalPolicyNet.com and review our comprehensive array of CMS and Joint Commission compliance solution document collections. All solution documents were developed based on successful strategies that have helped our healthcare clients successfully pass CMS and Joint Commission surveys by demonstrating effective inter-disciplinary care. Our compliance documents were also driven by Garry’s experience as a legal expert protecting our healthcare clients by reducing their exposure to legal entanglements.   Solution document collections are available for Management of the Environment of Care, Life and Facility Safety, Patient Safety, Emergency Management, Improving Organizational Performance, Human Resources, and Nursing.

In 2003, Garry began delivering healthcare expert witness services on healthcare policy, procedure and regulatory matters.  He provides comprehensive case-related analysis of patient care and safety activities that may be associated with healthcare errors or injuries and when appropriate, renders formal case opinions during depositions and court appearances.

We are proud that HTSI and HPNI were selected as the consultative and regulatory compliance document vendor of choice for hundreds of healthcare institutions and health systems throughout the nation. We are the only healthcare regulatory and accreditation improvement firm that brings 1000+ proven documents onsite during all consultation projects to help our client hospitals achieve immediate, on-the-spot compliance gains.

Healthcare Clients Served

Through the resources of either HTSI or HPNI, we have helped prepare the hundreds of hospitals and health systems achieve compliance with either CMS regulations or Joint Commission accreditation requirements. Many are nationally renowned facilities, such as:

UCLA Health System, Cleveland Clinic, Princeton Healthcare System, Mayo Clinic, numerous VA and Military Hospitals, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles-USC Medical Center, Dan Farber Cancer Institute, Bon Secours Health System, scores of hospitals owned / managed by HCA and Tenet Healthcare as well as Children's Hospital Boston, the primary pediatric teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

Our international healthcare clients include hospitals in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Bangalore India, and Beijing China.
The central feature to Garry Walsh's biography is his complete understanding of the overarching relationships that exist between health care, medical care, hospital policies, medical staff bylaws and health care regulations. And the pivotal role that leaders must assume to make these relationships thrive.


Hospital Policy Net makes the following expert resources available to you:

Master's prepared Nurse consultant surveyor and expert witness with over 20 years experience in corporate compliance and assessment of tertiary, psychiatric, long term and home care health systems.
PhD prepared Risk Analyst with over 25 years experience of risk prevention and remediation at a large, nationally recognized academic medical center.
Information on additional consultants, ranging from Home Health Care to Hospital Engineers, available upon request.


Emergency Management Malpractice, Nursing Safety
Emergency Medical Systems Malpractice, Psychiatry Trial Consultant
Hazardous Materials Medical Physics Human Resources
Health / Safety Expert Medical Products & Devices Litigation Support
Health Administration Medical Record Review Medical
Health Care Management Medicine / Health Medico-legal
Hospital Administration Negligent Hiring Human Performance Issues
Informed Consent Nursing Urgent / Emergency Care
Malpractice, Consulting Oncology Surgery
Malpractice, Hospital Pain Management Health Care Regulations
Malpractice, Legal Pharmacy Medical Warnings
Malpractice, Medical Quality Assurance Legal Nurse Consulting

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