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300 Pages Proven JCAHO Solutions

You are now at the Human Resources Solutions portal. From the links below, you may select from a vast collection of up-to-date guidelines, policies, documentation and staff training tools- all contained within 300+ pages of professionally prepared and cataloged resources.

Hospital Tested -- JCAHO Survey-ready -- Fully Compliant
Our Human Resources Policy Solutions include over 60 innovative policies, procedures and documentation instruments to guide the redesign of Human Resource services throughout your organization.

Our Human Resources Documentation Forms Solutions contains all the fully updated and integrated plans and programs that help the Human Resource Department leaders guide the hospital's managers towards JCAHO compliance. And to do so with a collection of universal systems, as opposed to "patch quilt" documents that have evolved over time. Please review our Value Statement to learn of leadership advantages gained.

Human Resources Solutions Contents & Features
A snapshot of the Complete Human Resource Policy and Forms Solutions includes:

  • Competency Assessment Program (Including Age-specific)
  • Annual Competency Documentation Instrument
  • Combined Org. and Departmental Orientation Programs, Topics and Instruments
  • CARE Performance Evaluation Program (Completed Sample)
  • Staffing Effectiveness (SE) PI Program
  • Forensics (JCAHO Compliant)
  • Staff Rights

Selecting our Human Resources Management Solution options will be your first step toward training your HR and department leaders, updating and universalizing all of your HR policies and forms, as well as improving your readiness for your JCAHO compliance surveys.

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Download a Sample: Partial Policy Sample 1 Partial Form Sample 1
  Partial Policy Sample 2 Partial Form Sample 2
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Complete Human Resource POLICY Program - Download / CD-ROM Product Details
CD-ROM [$350.00]
Download [$325.00]

Complete Human Resource Documentation FORMS Program - Download / CD-ROM Product Details
CD-ROM [$350.00]
Download [$325.00]

Staffing Effectiveness PI Program - Download / CD-ROM Product Details
CD-ROM [$265.00]
Download [$245.00]

Complete Human Resources Policy and Forms Solutions - Download / 2 CD-ROM Set
CD-ROM [$575.00]
Download [$525.00]

Competency Program Pack Product Details Download [$125.00]

Orientation Program Pack Product Details Download [$125.00]

CARE Program Completed Sample (Form) Download [$30.00]

CARE Program Instrument (Form) Download [$30.00]

Employee File Checklist (Form) Download [$30.00]

LPCP Section One Clinical ED Sample (Form) Download [$30.00]

LPCP Section One Clinical (Form) Download [$30.00]

LPCP Section Two All Leaders (Form) Download [$30.00]

Staff Rights Policy and Request (Form) Download [$30.00]

Staffing Effectiveness Meeting Minutes (Form) Download [$30.00]

Staffing Effectiveness PI Data Instrument (Form) Download [$30.00]

Annual Health Assessment (Policy) Download [$30.00]

Attendance (Policy) Download [$30.00]

Background Investigation (Policy) Download [$30.00]

Bereavement Leave (Policy) Download [$30.00]

Compensation Program (Policy) Download [$30.00]

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Note: If you are considering the purchase of any 30 individual Human Resources documentation solutions, we suggest that you select the Complete Human Resources Management Solution Value Pack - containing all 300 pages of solution documents -- to get more for the equivalent cost.

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